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Gosport.info is a website giving information and photos of Gosport, Hampshire, England, UK both past and present. If there is information or photographs, that you would like to see, please let me know and I will add them. It can take a while for me to add all the items that need putting on the site.


I have been asked a few times about a newsletter as I have not sent one out for a while. I even had a visit from someone from Australia, OK he was in the UK for other reasons, but popped by to ask about Gosport.info and that he had not received a newsletter for a while.  I would like to have moved the information from the old site before sending out a newsletter.

Items from the Original www.gosport.info Web Site

You may not find what you are looking for, it may be waiting to be moved to this site. please let me know so it can be arranged to add that item to this web site ASAP. Nothing has been lost, it is just no longer on the Internet as I did not wish to pay for another two years of the old site, now held offline. I also find the site in an even older form (when the pages were still looking reasonable) is available on the Internet Archive.

New History Publication about Gosport

A new local history publication “Brewers and Breweries in Gosport” has just been published, the fifth in the Gosport Papers series written by local historian Philip Eley. Covering the years from the 1300s to the 1930s breweries great and small are mentioned with brief biographies of some of the brewers and their families. The largest of all of them, the Navy’s Weevil Breweries, plus the two that survived into the twentieth century (Biden’s and Blake’s) are covered in particular detail. A theme running through the book is the development of the “tied house” system, where brewers bought or built their own public houses, which is linked to the influence of government taxation, national licencing laws, and the development of Gosport as a town. Another theme is the effect of competition from breweries outside of the town, particularly from across the Harbour in Portsmouth. There is also a brief look at the handful of new small breweries which have existed since the start of the 21st century. This 52 page, A4-sized, booklet, with colour and monochrome illustrations, is now on sale at the Tourist Information Centre at Gosport Bus Station, and at Elson Library, priced £6.


Gosport Hampshire England or Gosport.info is a website that has been around in various forms since April 2001. This site gives information a photos about gosport. It is now going through another major update. The site was set-up 3rd April 2001 using the domain Gosport Life with just 50 pages grew to around 1.400 pages and this new version is being added to with both new information and information from the old site there is still a long way to go, but plan to have the move completed and the old site closed by the end of this year.

In the past I added the news items to the Home Page so as not to overcrowd this page, I will no longer do this. They will be added to other pages or look to using the ‘News’ section of the site.

The site is now using WordPress and I am now starting to move Gosport.info over to this site. If you understand or would like to learn, WordPress and would like to help me get this underway. Please contact me on ian@gosport.info, phone 023 9252 3358 or mobile 078 1751 7995.

How is the new Gosport.info site coming on?

I have had the site checked for broken links, in total there was 115. I have gone though and corrected as many as I can. Also found in the memories section I had removed pages that I will need to put back. I have removed those links, so you will see text which needs to be directed. I am still left with links that Timeout for the link checker, all schools websites with .co.uk this time at total 10 from 7 websites. I have checked the links manually and they seem to be fine. Other school sites fine. No idea why.

I have added back Memories of the 1940s and The Aircraft Crash 1952-53 and well as updating the Whats On Calendar List.

The site will become more of an archive of photos, memories and Gosport history. I believe I should also keep the list of clubs, societies, organizations and local charities as they tend to change less and can be more difficult to find and a number of them do not have a web presence.

I have changed the way the What’s On Calendar and pages. I have removed the Google Calendar as I was not certain that all the events on it still applied and it seemed most of the events were to do with Slimming World, then not a full list. I have also removed the individual pages. These pages became necessary as I would take efforts to have as many Gosport events as possible so a single page would be very long. I now only have two pages the main Calendar Events Page and the Regular Events Page.

Business Classification List – This is the next list I wish to have a look at, though I will not be able to check as I did in 2004, sending out 1,100 letters to Gosport Businesses and Organizations, so will use the old list, so again if you have information to add or change please let me know.

The overall plan is to make the site continue in to the future with the resources (mainly people) available.

Thank you for your interest in the past and I hope this change will enhance your interest. If you have any suggestions on how the pages and sections, in particular how the History and request sections of the site are set-up, they will be very welcome. Please let me know on ian@gosport.info .

Meeting Rooms Available in Gosport


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