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Ghost Stories from Priddy’s Hard and Information on Ghost Walks run by The Explosion Museum

Walkers Set to Discover the Ghosts of Priddy’s Hard

Sightings of ghosts that have been reported over the years at the former Armaments Depot of Priddy’s Hard in Gosport where the award winning Explosion!, Museum of Naval Firepower is now sited, have been under investigation by museum staff.  The research has been undertaken to prepare for a series of Ghost Walks that have already sold out at the museum in January and February.  The research has uncovered 12 bloody deaths in the historic eighteenth and nineteenth century buildings at Priddy’s Hard.

Ian Proctor, Research Assistant said, “I have been amazed by the disturbing tales of death and disease that have happened over the centuries here at Priddy’s Hard. The untimely deaths have happened as a result of accidental explosions and in one case an “unnatural” gust of wind, rumoured to be the evil spirit of a convict labourer who died in the same spot”

“Sightings of many of the unfortunate souls have been rumoured by former workers of the Royal Navy Armaments Depot.  It has been reported that the stain of munitions worker Edward George Mc Bride who was killed in a blast on 30 November 1922 reappears on the wall of the room that stood directly over the site of the explosion.”

Another of the uncovered fatal explosions is the story of eight men who on 26 July 1921 were moving unusable detonators from a nineteenth century powder magazine when the direct sunlight erupted the pile of detonators into a “Ball of Fire” killing four local men from Gosport.  The explosion was reported to be felt on the Portsmouth side of the Harbour.  The bodies of two of the men had been atomised by the force of the blast and after an extensive search none of the missing limbs were recovered.  However research has shown that a couple of months later a fisherman found in the gut of a locally caught Bass,  the bones of a human finger. 

The Ghost Walks at Explosion! have already sold out and more events are planned for the autumn. Explosion! is open every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday during January.  For more information visit or call 023 9250 5600.

For further information on ghost research & picture opportunities contact Bill Sainsbury on

 023 9250 5603, email or visit

I receive regular information and photos from Explosion if you want me to add them to the site. Please let me know at:

- I was just reading the stories of the ghosts in PH and it reminded me of  one that I was told.

Back in 1966 I left school at the tender? age of 15. My first job was in  PH. I worked in the then Section 22 which was connected to the Transfer shed.  One of the "oldies" there, Mac he was called,¬ told me that when they pull  this lot¬ down, the shed etc, the place will be full of ghosts, there all  under here he said. I never forgot that. I don't know if he was having me on or  not.

This last Saturday 13th Oct, I decide to go for my usual wonder, camera in  hand as usual. I ended up in what is left of PH. When I got to where the  Transfer shed and Sect. 22 were, I found it had all been pulled down, see photo.  Well I wonder how true Macs words will be, or was he having me on? All the best Alan

13 Oct 2007 024

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